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Programming and Reusing the Browser is a top level page providing links to all the Microsoft sites dealing with WebBrowser and MsHtml customization.

Internet Explorer MSHTML/DHTML API shows in detail how to host and customize MsHtml.

Internet Explorer Browser Control Host shows in detail how to host WebBrowser (ShDocVw). Describes the components and OLE interfaces of WebBrowser.

Take Control of Internet Explorer with Advanced Hosting Techniques by Scott Roberts. An article that appeared in MIND (currently called MSDN Magazine) describing the basic components of WebBrowser and the OLE interfaces required to customize it. Examples in C++ with ATL.

HOWTO: Use Forward and Back Buttons for WebBrowser Control shows how to use the WebBrowser's CommandStateChange event to enable/disable the Back and Forward navigation buttons.


Other Articles

EmbeddedWB     Possibly the richest non-Microsoft site devoted to WebBrowser reuse on the web. Although the code is written in Delphi, it can be useful for advanced C++ and .NET Framework developers as well. The site describes a component that customizes a large number of WebBrowser and MsHtml features.

This page shows how to address the WebBrowser exception "Trying to revoke a drop target that has not been registered". Although the code is in Delphi, it is easy to understand for C++ and .NET Framework programmers.

At there are numerous WebBrowser and MsHtml programming samples at the bottom of the page titled "IE Programming".


Microsoft Samples

ATLBrowser demonstrates hosting the WebBrowser in a C++ ATL application.

MFCEEvtSpy is a C++ program that shows how to handle all the events that WebBrowser can fire.

Driller is a C++ program written with MFC that shows how to implement IDocHostUIHandler.

Edit Host  is a C++ program written with MFC that shows how to support editing in MsHtml.

Edit Designer Monitor is a C++ program written with MFC showing how to customize the MsHtml editor.

Editing Features is a C++ program written with MFC showing some enhanced customization features of the MsHtml editor.

Browser Technology is the top level page for WebBrowser and MsHtml sample code. In the table of contents, select the item "Reusing Browser Technology".