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Faison Computing is a small and dynamic company that has been providing one-stop software consulting services to corporate and government organizations since 1992. We satisfy our customers by applying the latest in component-based development techniques to build software systems of all sizes.

Everything we do can be summarized in a single word - simplicity. By spending a significant amount of effort early in the analysis and design stages, the emphasis is placed on seeking the simplest solution for the customer's needs.  Simplicity yields elegant designs that are easier to implement and cheaper to maintain. But finding simple solutions requires hard work, backed by years of experience and tempered by common sense. Simplicity entails applying the right programming tools to get the job done with the smallest amount of effort, while keeping a constant eye on non-functional requirements like performance, reliability, maintainability and deployability.

We develop systems primarily for Windows and Linux platforms. From a development perspective, we use whatever tool is appropriate for the problem to solve, often using more than one language. Our favorite languages are C#, Java, ObjectPascal, C++ and VB.NET.

To get more information on the development methodologies we use, check out Ted Faison's latest books, Component-Based Development with Visual C# and Event-Based Programming: Taking Events to the Limit.

Interested in event-based programming? Check out Ted's tutorials.

"Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler."   -Albert Einstein